Stinging Insects Control

Some of the most obnoxious pests that people have to deal with are the flying, stinging kind, such as bees and wasps. Kentucky residents often encounter pests such as the ones described below.

Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets

The term “wasp” refers to many thousands of insect species. Although some are benign, others are aggressive and dangerous to humans. Two types of stinging wasps that sometimes invade human habitats are yellow jackets and hornets.

Yellow jackets are social insects with distinctive yellow and black markings. Yellow jackets possess a poisonous sting that can be extremely painful to human beings. Although they are not extremely aggressive, they do get defensive when they feel their colonies are under attack. When they take up residence in a home, they pose a real danger to the people living there.

Hornets are the largest kind of wasp. Like yellow jackets, they live in colonies and defend them from any perceived threats their stingers. Some species can be extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to attack people.

If stinging insects have infested your home, you should contact professionals. Trying to deal with them yourself is dangerous, and even if you avoid getting stung, they are difficult to get rid of without proper equipment. Dial One Pest Control offers the expertise and professional-quality material needed to rid your home of these undesirable guests. If you find bees or wasps in your house, contact us immediately to get a price quote and schedule an appointment.


Bees are flying insects that consume nectar and pollen. Many species possess a painful sting, although bees are usually not aggressive. Some types of bee, such as the carpenter bee, like to take up residence in buildings and can cause massive structural damage to them if left unchecked.

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