Termite Inspection or WDI Inspection Reports

When you are purchasing, or refinancing a home or commercial building quite often the Mortgage Company or bank will require you to have an inspection for wood destroying insects before they will accept the loan.

When you are selling your home it is sometimes a good idea to have your home checked before you put it on the market to correct problems before the buyer finds them.

Even when not required it still a good idea to get an inspection to make sure you don have any surprises when you purchase the property.

The cost to repair and treat termite infestations and damage can cost several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

This inspection will be checking for any visible evidence of wood destroying insects and damage from them, either current or previous. We also will be checking to see if it’s been previously treated and how treatment performed.

Reports with findings are typed up and emailed to you and your agent upon payment and can be forwarded to whomever you need to have. If payment received they can normally be issued at the time of service.

If you are working with a home inspection service we can quite often perform the inspection at the same time saving the hassle of setting up multiple appointments.

We have performed thousands of these inspections and our technicians are very thorough and detailed. We don’t find problems where none currently exist but we will point out conditions which may create a problem in the future.

Give us a call today to protect you investment and make sure you don’t have uninvited guests waiting for you at your new home.

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