About Us

Real Estate Pest Control, Inc. was founded in May 1968 by Jack Elliott, Mary Ann Elliott, and James Thomas. Mr. Elliott was a former manager of two of the national pest control companies and Mr. Thomas was a service manager for one. They felt the one-size-fits-all approach many companies had at that time and the sales based on the company needs rather than the customer's needs, was not the right way to do business. They thought that they could provide a better value to the consumer. We continue to practice this philosophy today. We believe that if you look out for the best interests of your customers, they will be loyal to you. That is why 65-75% of our new business each year is a referral by a current or past customer.

Mr. Elliott passed away in 1980 and Mr. Thomas retired in 1986.

Larry Churchman joined the company full time in 1973 after working part time for the company in the early years. He also worked in the construction industry and for Brown & Williamson Tobacco. He was Mr. Elliott's stepson and is now the Manager, License holder, and part owner of the company. Mr. Churchman served for a number of years on the Kentucky Pest Management Association board of directors and is a past president of that organization too. He is also a former chairman of the Louisville Board of Realtors Affiliates.

Mary Ann Elliott (Now Mary Ann Scarry) is a part owner and the office manager. In years past, she also served on the board of directors for the KPMA as a director, secretary/treasurer, and president. She now works just part time in the office.

We strive to have the best employees in the business and we are lucky to have some employees who have been with us for over 25 years. Several of our employees have retired from our office, while others, after working for many years in other companies, have now found a home with us.

In 1984 Real Estate Pest Control Inc. joined the Dial One Service Franchise Group and became Dial One Real Estate Pest Control, Inc. to better serve our customers.