Roach and Waterbug Control

Most people associate this insect with dirty areas, and quite often they are found in large populations in those conditions. However you can have the cleanest, most sterile location around and still have roaches. These insects have been around since the dinosaurs and will still be here when we are gone.

There is good news though. We can make sure you don’t share your home or place of business with then.

The type of roach will dictate the type of treatment to correct the problem.

We have five types of roaches in this area.

German roach- Normally lives only indoors, can build very large populations if left untreated.

Brown banded roach- Indoor only roach, rare in this area, can be treated same as german roach.

Oriental roach- Large black roach also referred to as “waterbug” roach. Lives indoors and out. Indoors mainly in basements, crawl spaces and lower levels of structures.

American roach- Large reddish-black roach, normally in this area found near sewer lines or steam tunnels in commercial buildings.

Pennsylvania Wood roach- Large reddish colored roach which lives outdoors in rotting logs or leaf litter. Only lives outdoors but may invade indoors in the spring when males (which can fly) are attracted to lights and in the fall when cooler temperatures start occurring.

Sometimes people also see hard shell bugs coming in from outdoors and think they are roaches but they are just lawn beetles, we can tell the difference.

Let us check out your location and we will determine what type of roach you have and come up with a plan to correct the problem.

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Let us handle your roach or waterbug problem, contact us or call us at (502) 459-7372.