Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are small, round, flat and reddish-brown in appearance. When they infest homes and businesses in Kentucky, they multiply quickly. Since they are so small and adept at hiding, this makes them not only hard to detect but also to exterminate.

What Attracts Bed Bugs

Unlike some pests that are drawn to certain substances or conditions, bed bugs are much different. They prefer homes and businesses all year round due to the availability of blood from the humans they feed off of. Bed bugs can live in office furniture, clothing lockers, beds and a variety of other places. They also spread easily. For example, you could pick up a bed bug in a hotel. It may travel home in your luggage, multiply in your home and travel to your child's school or your workplace on shoes and clothing.

How To Find Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been found nearly anywhere they can hide. You will probably not find them congregating on harder surfaces as much. Check under furniture, in closets, under mattresses and in any crevices in the home or office. You may notice a musky smell near an infestation, and there will probably be reddish-brown residue, which is their fecal matter. There may be shed exoskeletons near the site of an infestation as well.

The bites of bed bugs result in small red bumps, and they are usually in a straight line. Scratching them can lead to a secondary infection. When you find bed bugs, avoid using home removal methods. Why? Because home removal methods only target one aspect of bed bug control. They may reduce a population temporarily, but only a professional can provide effective treatments that will keep your home or business safe continuously.

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